• Poster Jokes

    Keep Calm and put your Bitchface on

  • Hump Day
    Whoop Whoop

  • That Look
    right before you sneeze

  • So what do you think
    the meaning of
    life is?
    Food & Sleep
    yep, that's what i thought

  • If you're over 30, you were alive before every dog in
    the world.

  • Grab your umbrella
    this could get messy

  • Smile!!!
    It's Finally

  • Every woman's dream is that
    a man will take her in his arms, throw her into bed...
    and clean the whole house
    while she sleeps.

  • Weekend is here!
    Let's roll baby!

  • Rent, Taxes, Death
    I hate growing up

  • You Can't control everything.
    Your hair was put on your head to remind you of that

  • Sometimes...
    Just being here is enough

  • Back in my day a selfie is what you did when the wife wouldn't put out

  • Ladies if you think your man is cheating... Take him to that bitches front door & see if his wifi connects!

  • I spent half an hour trying to talk to them, wanting to learn about their culture until the bartender cut me off and told me they were patio umbrellas.

  • Poster Jokes...

  • The service here is

  • Phew Tuesday is here
    much better

  • I gave up jogging because my thighs kept rubbing together & setting my pantyhose
    on fire.

  • Stop singing the song, rock a bye baby to put me to sleep.
    I mean, a song about putting a baby in a cradle in a tree and then have it come crashing down, doesn't exactly make me want to close my eyes around you

  • What if the real Zombie Apocalypse just consists of masses of people staring at their cell phones...

  • When i was born i was so mad at my parents... I didn't talk to them for 2 years..

  • "You want me to come"?
    Could i just fake it
    like your girlfriend

  • It's been more
    than four hours.
    Should i call the doctor?

  • Poster Jokes...

    Why yes,
    I am a bit stressed
    Why do you ask?

  • You don't get Lunch.
    She thought
    i was you
    and fed me twice.

  • Friends don't let
    friends do
    stupid things... alone

  • How to turn a number 1
    into a number 2

  • More Poster Jokes.....

  • When someone asks
    me what it's like
    being a mom,
    I'm like...

  • What do you mean
    i have to walk
    on my own?
    Bitch pick me up

  • What do you call a deer
    with no eyes
    No i deer

  • There's always one who ruins the family photo

  • Stay Strong Weekend is coming soon

  • The maid mistook me for a dust mop today. It was a traumatic experience
    for both of us.

  • I refuse to become a nugget!

  • Cut and paste

  • Catch Me
    That's right bitches, i got the last donut!

  • My nose itches