Time ♥

Why did you do that.

What was going on

through you're mind,

I wasn't blind,

I could see the signs,

now I need some time.

I can't look at you right now.

Don't try to come round,

you have let me down.

Honesty ♥

You listened and I heard.

You told the truth and

that was enough proof.

I Can see your other side

This time you didn't hide,

so now I feel you're on my side.


Betrayed ♥

I have been betrayed by you.

Yet I still crave for you.

I want to feel safe with you,

so I'll be brave for you.

Come back to me.

We may not last,

but let's try to forget the past..


Waiting ♥

They know where you are,

getting In touch Isn't that hard.

If they want you they will find you,

If they don't they won't


Trying Again ♥

We got back together

but nothing has changed.

Still playing those games,

pointing the blame,

I'm drained.

I know we are trying

but there is too much lying.

It's make or break.


Without You ♥

A weight has lifted off my shoulders,

now that you know we are over.

Free to me was a very strange word,

but now It's the best that I've ever heard.


Commitment ♥

Why do you hide who you are.

Take off that mask,

It's not a big task,

you have to believe

that somethings can last,

stop living in the past.

I know it can be hard

but this could be our start.


My crush ♥

I could see you coming up close

to me from the corner of my eye,

my heart sank my mind went blank

as my crush just walked on by.


Reality ♥

Pillow talk and long walks,

a burning pain and feeling drained.

You can't get back to how It was

so go and close those sliding doors.

The beginning ♥

I stare into your eyes and wonder

what your thinking,

then you say let's go out drinking.

Meet my friends, I'll show you the trends,

It's a start, this must be the good part.

Regret ♥

Don't regret those words you told,

It came from your heart and your soul,

let them go and think It through,

then come back with an I Love You.


Pain ♥

You left without saying a word

I got up and could hear

those morning birds.

I feel pain..

It wont be the same.

You can't hurt me again.


Trust ♥

No matter what I do

you are In my head.

When I close my eyes,

lying on my bed,

I think about all of those lies

that you have said.

Love ♥

Right from the start I knew

something was wrong,

You had so much to say,

so I just went along with It.

Even In the back of my mind,

I just thought this Isn't right.

What can I do with these feelings for you.

It doesn't matter what anyone has to say,

It's feelings of love in my own way..


Decision ♥

You wanted the attention, you got It.

No one was gonna get In your way.

It was all about you

and what you said you could do.

When really It was all about her

and the promises you made

to make her stay..

It was all your way

or the highway or her way

which made It my freeway..

I wonder what you'll do now..


Fix Me ♥

I feel like I’ve lost a part of me.

I don’t know which one,

but my heart knows It’s gone.

It’s such a strange pain when

I hear your name,

Or imagine your face looking back at me.

I would always fear that day

when you would walk away,

gone without a trace..


Giving Up ♥

 You were my idea. You told me what I wanted to hear. You changed with fear, I had to stop the clock. You tried to keep me on the hop but I knew there was another voice telling you to make a choice. I made it for you. So now you can stay true, I felt that’s what you wanted to do. No more pain there is nothing to gain. Not with me, Never with me, It’s plain to see you're not for me.......