• Short Jokes

    Needed to fart in the
    farted during an

  • More Short Jokes

    When you're too drunk to
    be in your own selfie...

  • Medium Jokes

    9 out of 10 husbands
    agreed that their wives
    are always right...

  • Puns

    Why don't you
    wanna taco bout it?

    Cause i'm nacho friend

  • More Puns

    I don't always surf the internet but when i do eyebrows...

  • Longer Puns

    So the cop says "Pull Over!"
    and i said "no It's a cardigan but thanks for noticing!"

  • Love & Life Quotes

    Happiness is always knocking on your door you just have to let it in...

  • Famous Quotes

    "Everyone wants to be
    Cary Grant.
    Even i want to be
    Cary Grant"...

  • More Famous Quotes

    By instinct i'm an adventurer
    by choice i'd like to be a writer..